I don’t get it!

Why does java keep throwing an OutOfBoundsException at 16 when the array is supposed to hold 17 items? Sixteen should be fine, it should be the last item on it.

Explain this to me, someone. Anyone!



I don’t know if I should call this funny but I really think it’s stupid.

Yesterday, after so long a time without them, my flash drives got attacked by a virus. I know I should have been more cautious but you tend to be careless when pressed for time. I haven’t learned to do otherwise just yet.

The thing is, I didn’t lose any data from that. I lost data before it happened. It was when I plugged in one of them and Windows offered to “scan and fix” my drive. Usually it works like it should but, yesterday, it only corrupted some very important files.

Stupid Windows!

It’s a good thing that those files were only copies. Otherwise… Well…

I am so stupid! The main error was so simple I couldn’t see it before.

And, look at that! The date has changed already.

Conclusion for tonight: writing things down on paper really does help. It’s what I do when I feel like I am not finding something I should’ve found already. I just don’t know what took me so long to start writing them code lines down.


Stupid static thing. It was ruining some things. I had to attach it to everything.

I’ve kinda forgotten what this one was all about, though. Which means, I gotta review that part.

Now, the code is stuck. Probably in some infinite loop as I thought it would. Time to add some more print lines.

Which I should have added before, in the first place.

Worst part of writing code: debugging.

That probably will never change and what makes it worse is the fact that, with whatever piece of code you ever write, you will spend most of your time debugging. At least, that’s how it seems.

Today, I’m gonna try and make a list of all my expenses and money received again. Like I did last time. Only this time, I have to try harder to not losing it to some stupid accident where I can lose a whole host of data, the lot of them quite important.

“You could purchase the Model-T in ‘any color you want … so long as its black!'”

Did Henry Ford really do something like that?

On second thought, maybe I did have a reason to feel tired. At least, my mind did. After all, I did have to take three final exams in one day – two of them I was only given 15 minutes to complete, the other was I simply finished in about 10.

I don’t get it and I get don’t why but, for some reason, I was only so sleepy last night I managed to sleep as early as 8:30 pm.

Who sleeps that early?

And I didn’t even have a reason to be so tired. I hope it’s different tonight. I haven’t started this unit’s learning and I really must get started already. Oh, and… There’s that implementation of Prim's algorithm that needs must be refined for the new specifications in the problem.

#NowPlaying Bruno Mars‘s Treasure from Unorthodox Jukebox

I don’t know why I like this song despite it’s old style sound and really old style music video but I do.

So, I’m listening to it.

Clearly, I have a lot of things to review. But, the more stupid part is that I didn’t even clarify what the input was supposed to be. I was gonna ask about that, wasn’t I? What stopped me? I’m in so much trouble.

The bulb needs changing. And I’m not talking about any proverbial or symbolic light bulb. It’s the actual one in my room. Now, it’s flickering and it’s already starting to hurt my eyes so I’ll have to turn in for the night.

Oh, wow… By the way, it’s October again tomorrow. The last quarter of 2013 is almost here. Funny how time moves. What’s more unbelievable is that… No, never mind. Everything is quite unbelievable in their own rights.