I guess I should turn in for the night. The rain doesn’t sound good and there was a brief time of power outage earlier. I still don’t like the sound of rain like I used to and I don’t want to be in another power outage while I’m still in front of my computer.

I have Prim's algorithm that needs implementation, along with the implementation of the data structure of its graph. I’m not sure exactly which data structure we’re supposed to implement but I’m pretty sure that, if it was the answer to the previous assignment, we’d all have different data structures to implement.

Then again, I don’t have the image of the graph that the assignment is talking about so I’d have to check on it first.

Prim’s algorithm involves growing trees. Funny how that sounds like. It’s not funny to implement it, though.

But I will. Preferably before Monday even begins. For now, I’m just gonna call it a day.


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