I’ve forgotten from when the Green Lantern movie was but, yes, I’ve only just seen it.

The “final boss battle” felt too short and too rushed. Like, there should be more of it. Or, there was more of it but was cut and put into “deleted scenes”.

And, I was like, they’ve ended Parallax so how are they gonna go about making a sequel? There’s always something like that with movies of this kind. Then, I remembered the yellow ring. They’d probably make something out of it if they’re making a sequel.

And, that is the beauty of watching the credits. You get some hints for the next one. He did wear the ring. He just couldn’t stop himself. I can only guess that he got a bit too insecure when Hal Jordan, a mere human, defeated Parallax when he, and a few other Lanterns, couldn’t.

Oh, the credits just told me that the movie was from 2011.


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