It’s Saturday evening and tomorrow’s a free day. It’s bad but I’m about to get busy with not being busy. I’ve done quite a bit and I want some relax time. Although, I almost feel like I’ve done too much relaxing already.

Then again, I’ve managed to do quite a bit of reading this week. Which is a huge step-up from the week before. This calls for a celebration in the means of giving myself some off time.

This is bad. Yes, I’m arguing with myself but it’s pretty pointless because, despite the time, I’m working up a sweat while just sitting down here. The air is quite humid and the temperature’s approaching impossibly hot at this time of day. Night.

I’m quite useless against this kind of heat. Which is exactly why, during the summer, I’m only truly functional when dark sets in because that’s when the temperature starts dropping.

I was trying to work through that weakness last summer but all I have built up were rendered useless when I lost my one computer. Now, I’m still trying to get back to my old rhythm and it hasn’t been any easy but I’m getting there. Rewards are always a good thing so it looks like I’m gonna give myself a Saturday night, after all.


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