I still couldn’t get back to my old rhythm. I’m not surprised but that doesn’t mean that I can like this sort of pattern happening with me right now.

I’m waiting for the next term to begin and am hoping that all will come back to me by then for I will once again be truly be in the UoPeople system.

Speaking of which, I believe it’s time to check back on them regarding the action plan we submitted for the establishment of an ACM Student Chapter in the UoPeople. There should be something from them by now. Then again, Dr. Zeller said something about “keeping in touch in the next few weeks”. The process will take much longer than we, without saying it directly, initially thought. At least, I didn’t take it would take so long as “a few weeks”. I was thinking more on the lines of “a few days”.

Pipe dream, much?

Not as bad as pipe dream but I should remind myself to factor in the fact that, when we get established, we would be the first university-recognized club/organization in the world’s first tuition-free online university. That’s a big deal.


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