Digital Electronics: Homework #3

These are the questions and my answers for the homework for Lesson 3 of the Digital Electronics course from PyroEdu.

  1. What are the 3 basic logic gates of digital electronics? What are their symbols?

    The three basic logic gates of digital electronics are the AND, OR, and NOT gates. They are represented by the following symbols, respectively:
    logic gates, symbols, AND, OR, NOT

  2. How are the 3 basic logic gates (answer from question 1) different from one another?

    They are different from one another because of both their required inputs and given outputs.

    While the AND and the OR gates require two inputs for one output, the NOT gate requires one input for one output.

    As with result, the AND gate only returns 1 when both inputs are 1 while the OR gate returns 1 whenever there is at least one 1 value from the inputs.

    The NOT gate, as its name implies, simply returns the opposite value of the input.

  3. Using X and Y as input variables and Z as an output variable, write the three Boolean algebra equations that represents the 3 basic logic gates.
  4. What information does a truth table tell us about a logic gate?

    A truth table tells of all the possible inputs to a logic gate and their corresponding output.


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