And now… To deal with my own stuff.

I’m just gonna go back to those self-imposed tasks later.

And, wow, it’s April already. Amazing how the first quarter of 2013 is over just like that. And, yes, this means that it’s that time of year again. You know, when it’s practically boiling hot here in the tropics and you pretty much can’t do anything unless you turn the AC or the fan on.

Sure, the Buffer blog says that warm environments make for more productivity. But warm doesn’t mean hot. And this is beyond hot.

Oh, and speaking of March being over… That show kinda inspired me to plan something for next year. Don’t want to write it down explicitly but I kinda feel like I really want to do it. Not that I ever really plan for “next year&quot. I’ve never been the long-term type.

But I can surely try.


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