Lucky police officers!

I just heard in the news but it’s quite unbelievable.

Is it really true that police officers in Dubai drive Lambos as patrol cars? You know, Lamborghini? That’s quite amazing a thought.


Digital Electronics: Homework #3

These are the questions and my answers for the homework for Lesson 3 of the Digital Electronics course from PyroEdu.

  1. What are the 3 basic logic gates of digital electronics? What are their symbols?

    The three basic logic gates of digital electronics are the AND, OR, and NOT gates. They are represented by the following symbols, respectively:
    logic gates, symbols, AND, OR, NOT

  2. How are the 3 basic logic gates (answer from question 1) different from one another?

    They are different from one another because of both their required inputs and given outputs.

    While the AND and the OR gates require two inputs for one output, the NOT gate requires one input for one output.

    As with result, the AND gate only returns 1 when both inputs are 1 while the OR gate returns 1 whenever there is at least one 1 value from the inputs.

    The NOT gate, as its name implies, simply returns the opposite value of the input.

  3. Using X and Y as input variables and Z as an output variable, write the three Boolean algebra equations that represents the 3 basic logic gates.
  4. What information does a truth table tell us about a logic gate?

    A truth table tells of all the possible inputs to a logic gate and their corresponding output.

“Thy false promise and my sure misfortune carry me to a place whence the news of my death will reach thy ears before the words of my complaint. Ungrateful one, thou hast rejected me for one more wealthy, but not more worthy; but if virtue were esteemed wealth I should neither envy the fortunes of others nor weep for misfortunes of my own. What thy beauty raised up thy deeds have laid low; by it I believed thee to be an angel, by them I know thou art a woman. Peace be with thee who hast sent war to me, and Heaven grant that the deceit of thy husband be ever hidden from thee, so that thou repent not of what thou hast done, and I reap not a revenge I would not have.”

– From Don Quixote

“Anybody who knows that wracking sorrow brought upon a child by a dying puppy or cat, knows that childhood can show us that our fighting, our policy of ‘a tooth for a tooth,’ is abominably wrong.”

– Ernest Vincent Wright, in Gadsby

The Journey has Just Begun

After some… I don’t know. I don’t quite remember when I started but…

Well, after quite some time of reading, I’ve finally finished The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

I know, it took too long. And, yes, this is my first time going through the series. I’ve never really had the motivation to read them because they’ve always been so thick and, hence, intimidating.

Well, for some reason, I got started and now I’ve finished it. Although, not really. The way the book ended, with a:

Then shouldering their burdens, they set off, seeking a path that would bring them over the grey hills of the Emyn Muil, and down into the Land of Shadow.

And a:

Here ends the first part of the history of the War of the Ring.

The second part is called THE TWO TOWERS, since the events recounted in it are dominated by ORTHANC, the citadel of Saruman, and the fortress of MINAS MORGUL that guards the secret entrance to Mordor; it tells of the deeds and perils of all the members of the now sundered fellowship, until the coming of the Great Darkness.

The third part tells of the last defence against the Shadow, and the end of the mission of the Ring-bearer in THE RETURN OF THE KING.

Kinda wants to make me continue reading the series immediately. It is that much of a cliffhanger it doesn’t exactly feel like an entire volume has ended. More like a chapter.

I’ll, of course, continue reading then go read The Hobbit. Eventually. I can’t continue reading immediately though as I promised myself to read a classic after this one.

Yeah, I know, I mentioned “thick” yet I’ve finished all seven books of Harry Potter. They became thicker over the years. Although, I do believe that Order of the Phoenix is the thickest volume.

In any case, for now, I think I’ll go and try and finish Don Quixote. To be honest, I started reading this one last year. I should finish it already.

The language, of course, would not make it any easier for me.

Digital Electronics: Homework #2

  • In decimal: 1(10) + 1(10) = ?(10)

    In binary: 1(2) + 1(2) = ?(2)

    1(10) + 1(10) = 2(10)

    1(2) + 1(2) = 10(2)

  • Add these two binary numbers together: 1010(2) + 1000(2) = ?(2)

    Now, Subtract these two binary numbers: 1010(2) – 1000(2) = ?(2)

    1010(2) + 1000(2) = 10010(2)

    1010(2) – 1000(2) = 0010(2)

  • Convert this binary value into decimal: 1110(2) = ?(10)

    Convert this decimal value into binary: 31(10) = ?(2)

    1110(2) = 14(10)

    31(10) = 11111(2)

  • How can LEDs represent binary numbers?

    Binary numbers are made up of only two digits: 0 and 1. LEDs can represent these two values with the simple on/off. Off can represent 0 while on can represent 1.

See, I posted the answers for the homework for Lesson 2 today as well.

The best part about cooking food?

It’s when you’re doing the eating and taste something good, then you realize that you made that good thing yourself.

It’s a great thing.

Digital Electronics: Homework #1

I decided to post my answers to all the homework for the Digital Electronics course from PyroEDU here since the course doesn’t have much of a following at P2PU and I really don’t feel like creating another account so that I can post to the forums at PyroEDU. Although, it should probably be a good idea. Anyway, for now, I’ll stick with my blog.

  • Why are you taking this course?

    Digital electronics, or robotics and electronics, for that matter, has always been interesting for me. I’ve always been fascinated about computers and have always wondered how they work.

    Now, I’m not even so certain anymore how I found this course or this site but I’m kinda glad I did. It was probably because of P2PU but, like I said, I’m not so certain anymore.

    Anyway, I’m taking this course as a sort of answer to that interest. Also, this would give me more to be busy about while it’s summer. The course stretches beyond summer vacation but I’ll make it work somehow.

  • What do you hope to do with the knowledge you gain through this course?

    I’m not exactly certain how far I can take this interest but, right now, I’m only thinking of using this knowledge as a stepping stone for further digital electronics studies.

  • How much do you already know about binary/boolean algebra/logic gates…etc?

    Quite a bit.

    I’m not a exactly a total beginner about digital electronics. I’ve taken the Computer Architecture course from the UoPeople and that was worth five credits. So, I know much about those things already.

    Even before that I already knew of such things because I once had a similar course back when I was studying Computer Science in a different university, a local university. I don’t really remember the name of the course but we dealt with those subjects alright.

    And, yes, it stretches even further back to high school which was my real first exposure to the subject. We touched a bit on this subject both in CS and in Physics. Don’t exactly remember what year but it was probably sophomore year CS and senior year Physics.

    No. I didn’t mean to brag if it sounded like that. I’m not even sure I really remember all those things.

    So, yeah, I already know quite a bit but a little rehash never hurts.

I know, this post is pretty late which is why I am following it immediately with my answers for Homework #2.

And now… To deal with my own stuff.

I’m just gonna go back to those self-imposed tasks later.

And, wow, it’s April already. Amazing how the first quarter of 2013 is over just like that. And, yes, this means that it’s that time of year again. You know, when it’s practically boiling hot here in the tropics and you pretty much can’t do anything unless you turn the AC or the fan on.

Sure, the Buffer blog says that warm environments make for more productivity. But warm doesn’t mean hot. And this is beyond hot.

Oh, and speaking of March being over… That show kinda inspired me to plan something for next year. Don’t want to write it down explicitly but I kinda feel like I really want to do it. Not that I ever really plan for “next year&quot. I’ve never been the long-term type.

But I can surely try.