And, speaking of schedule…

OK, not really. But I can’t believe how many days I’ve gone without a single entry. It’s quite… Odd.

I can only hope that I didn’t lose any more data.


Criminal Procedures.

It’s one of the few courses we have that is closely related to law. Truth be told, most, if not all our major courses discuss a bit more than a bit about law. But this is one of those that are explicit in more ways than one.

I really should be taking this one seriously but the behavior of our instructor just makes it so difficult. I really should’ve taken this course last year. If only there wasn’t a conflict of schedule.

Well, that explains it.

I was wondering how bitter they could get about the whole issue. I mean, what would it take for them to get over the stupid survey?

But that announcement explains it. They had a good start. They were ranked #2 in the previous survey when they were just starting out. And they dropped to #4 this time. They were probably expecting to get #1 for this survey.

It’s not surprising, the results, really.

If there’s any surprise, it’s that they managed to rank #4 when they could have ranked further down. Then again, that’s probably the last already, given the fact that there aren’t that many radio stations in here.

Did I hear correctly? Catholics have a pope again! Pope Francis I.

Well, that was fast. Pretty fast. I remember getting Pope Benedict XVI elected took quite a bit longer.

Then again, I was a child at the time so it’s possible that my memory about it is not so great anymore.

Even my mother’s already complaining to him still reading the same old things. Although, she’s still listening. I could wish she’d just turn the knob already.

It’s that stupid radio station again. And he’s still saying the same things about the Sabah issue. Something he supposedly researched. And he’s read that tons of times already. Doesn’t he have anything else to talk about?

It’s that time of month again when I’d feel like changing wallpapers. Actually, it’s more like I didn’t want to stick with a very dark wallpaper and conky isn’t obeying my wishes so I had to switch to an altogether different wallpaper.

Now, my desktop looks like this:
Screenshot from 2013-03-12 19_19_30

The wallpaper’s from GrandChase featuring Ryan Woodguard as Viken.
Ryan Woodguard, Sentinel

Within a C++ class declaration, you can include the declaration of friend subprograms or classes, which are subprograms or classes that have full access to private data and operations of the class.

I’ve known of and used C++ for long enough but this is definitely the first time I’m hearing of such constructs as “friends“.

This only goes to show that I have a lot to learn about a lot of things. Which kinda reminds me of that quote I read in a notebook:

The more I study, the more I realize how little I know.

From Understanding Programming Languages by M. Ben-Ari

I can’t believe this…

It’s been ages since those results were released and my mother’s favorite radio station still can’t get over being Number 4.

Why do they have to keep repeating it? Did they really expect to be Number 1 that bad? Are they really so bitter?

So much for radio supposedly being a form of journalism. Now, with stations that sound like this one which my mother always listens to, it’s been reduced to mere vehicles of political agenda.

The worst part of it is that I’m the one who has to suffer and endure the level of idiocy in the station because, as I write, my mother already seems to be asleep yet the radio is still on. And I can’t turn it off because she has many times stated that its what gives her sleep.

It’s extremely unfair because I’m not even allowed to keep my music on while I sleep. When she notices that there’s still music playing from any of my devices and I’m already asleep, she wakes me up just to turn them on.

I don’t mind that much but that station is really exceedingly annoying. What on earth does she like about it? The only thing they know to do is badmouth other people!

I really don’t like this radio station that my mother always listens to.

For one, about the only thing they know how to do is badmouth other people in all their different shows.

And now I hear this stupid DJ reading a letter (a sort of love letter) sounding so “sincere” and then laughing out loud mockingly when he was finished?

What’s up with that? They guy just poured out his heart! And then you laugh like that?

There is really something wrong with them.

I know, right?

I’m reading Gödel, Escher, Bach when I am already so late in the week and I haven’t even started answering the discussion forum question.

I so have to deal with my distractions.

To every w-consistent recursive class K of formulae there correspond recursive class-signs r, such that neither v Gen r nor Neg (v Gen r) belongs to Fig (K) (where v is the free variable of r).

Actually, it was in German, and perhaps you feel that it might as well be in German anyway.

I’d love to be able to say that I can understand all that, but just as it might as well be in German…

It’s all Greek to me!

From Gödel, Escher, Bach

So, I was at school this afternoon. Halfway through being there I started feeling hungry. I was practically not listening anymore.

I came back, got some eggs, bread and spread and put them together to make me a sandwich. At the end of it, I was like, “That solves my hunger.” All the while I was eating I was wondering why I was hungry at such a wrong time.

Then, I was like, “Oh… Right… I didn’t have lunch this noon. Again.”

How many times am I still gonna do that?

Speaking of pass-by-value…

I still can’t understand why it was so difficult to comprehend pass-by-value and pass-by-reference in my previous university but it was really very easy to understand both concepts when I read about them in my first programming courses here in the UoPeople.

Pass-by-reference seemed like quite a difficult concept back there but, apparently, it can be easily understood.