So, now my conky looks like this:

conky screenshot from 2013-02-22 17"47:06

I so want to use those rings but I keep getting Conky: llua_do_call: function conky_ring_stats execution failed: attempt to call a nil value.

I’ve tried checking on the lua script to see where the nil value is coming from. Of course, I had to guess because the message doesn’t specify it but I can’t find anything. All of those that might end in a nil value, as far as I can read lua has an if-clause to guard against them.

I so don’t know much about this so I will have to enlist the help of other people. Again. And, well, I’m grateful there are other people.

About the wallpaper… I’ve something else I want to use but I want to see this one “change throughout the day”.


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