Getting Crazy with Mageia 2 on an EeePC 701

So, a few days ago, I was staring at my Ubuntu 10.04…

And finally snapped.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked that particular install. It looked cool. Modern even, with the help of the combination of Orta Gnome 2.x theme, Awoken icon theme and the global menu applet. If I had the time for the conky it would have looked much cooler.

(Now, I kinda feel bad about not getting a final screenshot…)

Anyway, a few days after install, I don’t know what I did wrong or if I did anything wrong during the installation, it started telling me that the disk is unhealthy and is being used beyond design parameters. (Honestly, I’m not so certain if I got that but if I was correct, the diagnosis was accurate since the memory space being displayed looked quite a bit wrong. But, whatever.)

I let it be anyway.

Last Sunday, I decided to go crazy and looked at the operating systems I have on my external hard drive. I had two options: Mageia 2 and Lubuntu 11.10. I have others but those are the ones I haven’t tried yet. (Yeah, for some reason, I have Mageia and now I don’t even remember why I downloaded it in the first place.)

Even crazier, I picked Mageia 2 (GNOME) and burned it to a DVD (which I always have) and tried and installed it.

The first time I tried to install, it didn’t work. Or so I thought.

Apparently, as I realized on the second round, I just didn’t have the patience to wait for it. (I made myself busy with other stuff the second time around so I can wait and see if it’ll work. Besides, there wasn’t a progress bar in the “Removing packages” dialog!)

Ubuntu installs much faster. Last time I checked, probably 15 minutes tops on my ancient Asus EeePC 701.

Now, much to my surprise, it works! And it’s GNOME 3.x! All the while I was thinking it wouldn’t work.

Or that my machine wouldn’t even be able to handle booting into an environment as heavy as GNOME 3. (They say it’s heavy and unusable.)

It’s quite amazing.

I’m able to do the usual things I do and it even has The GIMP 2.8 installed by default. And, yes, I am able to use it and have made use of it.

I should note, though, that I have to wait about 2 minutes before the system can get into a usable desktop. A really long time compared to what I could expect of my 10.04. Thirty, forty-five, sixty seconds?

Probably what gave me the idea was Alan Ward’s Install 12.10 Onto and EeePC in Full Circle Magazine’s Issue 68.

Oh, of course, I really love Ubuntu.

And I still love Ubuntu. So, I’m gonna save up a bit so I can buy more RAM. (Dude mentioned having a 1 GB RAM. I’ve been contemplating this for a bit now but have been thinking that buying an upgrade, any upgrade, for this machine wouldn’t make much sense. But I’ve also read that maxing the RAM, 1 GB, on this machine would make it more usable.)

Once I have that, I’m gonna get 12.04 into this machine.

I would’ve posted a few screenshots but, for whatever reason, I’m not getting anything from PrntScrn. That’s another quirk. I’ll figure that part out and edit this post when I get them.

UPDATE: Here are those wanted screenshots. They’re small, I know. But they’re not downsized. EeePC 701’s have a screen size of 800 x 480. You just gotta deal with it.


3 thoughts on “Getting Crazy with Mageia 2 on an EeePC 701

    • Like I said, I’m still working out why the PrntScrn isn’t working. I’ve asked for support from the community and they’ve been pretty great. I just hope the fixes they give will finally make it work.

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