At times like these, I could wish that the President always did his speeches in English.

Why did I have to be so used to it? Even my thoughts are in English. I remember a very brief period when I was thinking in Cebuano but that was over so quickly. Besides, that still doesn’t really count since I’m not native to Cebuano. I speak Waray.

Then again, fluency in English has mostly benefited me. Actually, it’s always been a boon. It’s always been a good thing for me.

But the consequence of that is a lesser familiarity in Filipino. If Dr. Jose Rizal could see me now, he’d probably make me an example of the people he was talking about when he said, “And hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa sa mabahong isda.” Or something like that.

I don’t hate Filipino. I just don’t use it as often as I think I should. And, yes, as I write this, I’ve been thinking in English and didn’t have the need to translate my thoughts from my mother tongue to this.

I digress.

Really, my job right now would be much easier of President Noy did his addresses in English. All of them. Of course, that is rather selfish since it would be harder for a lot of other people to understand him.

Anyway, I should just… Yeah, whatever.


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