My mother is listening to that stupid radio show again. It’s pretty melodramatic. It’s that type where people send in letters of stories of their lives, the DJ reads them and gives advice, and listeners participate in the show by texting or calling in their comments, advice, greetings and whatever else.

More often than not, as far as I’ve had the displeasure of hearing this show, the DJ is crying while reading the letter. Sometimes, even while giving advice. I don’t like it. Any of it. Not at all.

I might be the type to be amused of people’s misery, especially the self-inflicted sort, but I’m not the type to enjoy it when people make money, people make a profit, people make a business out of other people’s misery.

Then again, just about everything in this world today has been decreased into nothing more than business. It’s not pretty a sight, neither is it happy a sight. But that’s the reality we have.

Also, I’m not quite sure about the religion of this DJ. See, for instance, today she’s talking about souls going to heaven, or not being quite able to go there because of earthly attachments. However, I’ve heard her talking of reincarnation before. Like, how people should do good for a better next life. Or something of the sort.

I don’t like these sort of shows. At the surface, it’s all good. But dig deeper and there’s nothing but the opposite of beautiful.


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