I gotta admit… I’m loving this Porteus-thing.

Rather, that Porteus-thing.

It does not yet have the tools I use so I can’t play with it more. But I do intend to make more out of it. Once I get another external USB flash drive which I don’t use on experiments. That I can get, this Sunday.

I have it currently installed in my 2GB. The hand-me-down from my brother. It’s what I’ve been using for experimenting on new smallish-type OS.

I’ve been looking for one that I can use from an external drive. But I haven’t found the one I’d like until today. What probably took me so long was that I was using the wrong filter in DistroWatch.

I’ve been filtering for “Old Computers”. That’s not exactly what I need a pendrive OS for but that category goes list that type of OS.

I didn’t find Porteus from there. It was just from some post that listed some notable OS that can boot from an external device. I’d have loved to give that person the credit for sending me to Porteus but I don’t remember the site. Well, whoever you are, thanks.

It’s just… It can launch Firefox in like five seconds while this one, Xubuntu take over 15 even while running from the internal drive. I really loved that part.

Oh, and it uses XFCE so, naturally, it didn’t look reminiscent of my first meeting with computers. (The computers at school still had Windows ME that time. There probably was XP already, though. They just haven’t ditched the old one yet. Probably for lack of funds.)

I’m gonna play with it more. And I might just stick with it. This might just be my pick.

I should note. Slitaz held some chance for getting picked. Porteus is quite big compared to the puppies, let alone, the damn small ones. But… For now, let’s just say that Porteus comes closer to what I want than Slitaz.


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