The light feels different tonight.

The atmosphere is unlike usual

I turn off all the lights and there is still enough, more than enough for me to see.

Must be a full moon outside tonight…


Too sleepy. Must. Get. Some. Sleep. Already.

It’s still quite a bit early isn’t it?

But I need to crash already and so I will.

Oh, we do have a quiz tomorrow and I don’t have much of an idea about it.

Yeah, I might want to wish myself good luck tomorrow morning.

What are the default appearance settings for a Xubuntu session in Xubuntu anyway?

Anyone who can tell me about that, feel free to do so and I’d definitely be thankful if I can remove all this weirdness in my display which started when I logged in to that Xfce session and logged out of it with “Save session for future logins” checked.

I really wan’t expecting that an Xfce session would affect my Xubuntu session.

There really is something very different with my display ever since I tried logging in to an Xfce session in this system.

The notif for the display brightness seems to be of a different theme from the rest of the notifs…

And the fonts… Well, something looks ragged. Anyone here who know Xfce and Xubuntu enough to tell me how to revert back to the original settings?

Colors, colors, colors.

We’ve been reading and learning about them for web programming, CS1205. I’ve never been good at them. Let alone use them for design.

Honestly, I don’t even wear colors that much. I mostly have whites for tops and blacks for pants. Less trouble for me when I’m trying to pick what to wear. I’m already a girl. I don’t need colors taking up more of my time.