You know how some books are friendly?

Like, they are easy to read and have a nice flow going in them? (I’m talking textbooks here.)

Well, this one we are using for CS1404 isn’t one of them. It’s almost the opposite of easy-to-read and the course isn’t exactly a basic course. It’s not helping my case in any way whatsoever.


This hour is not the best time to study. The temperature and the general atmosphere is just not conducive to learning. I also find it the best time to take an afternoon nap as opposed to the opinion of some parents who make their children take a nap at about 3 pm.

But it’s also the time of day when there’s the least number of customers to serve. Well, basically, hardly anyone comes around to buy their groceries at this time of day.

Which means, it’s also the time with the least interruption, something which is really good for studying.

They just don’t match, do they?

I really honestly don’t get this sleepiness.

I heed the call of sleep early enough these days – at as early as 8:30 pm – and wake up at my usual 5:30 am but still end up feeling as sleepy as this.

This really doesn’t make understanding my reading assignments easy. And they’re not basic subject anymore. I’ve advanced courses already and they require a lot less sleepiness than this.

I’m really too sleepy for this right now. I can try and read more but I certainly doubt I’d be able to retain the stuff that I’ll have to be reading.

And I just realized I had to read 139 pages for this unit alone. Instead of motivating me to read faster, it made me want to feel even more sleepy.

So, I’m gonna head that call of my natural body for now.

Yesterday’s day at the beach must have exhausted me.

I didn’t exactly feel exhausted – not that I’m sure how that feels like. I was only too sleepy too early.

I had so many things that I could’ve done but I just couldn’t deal with any of them at last night. I’m hoping tonight would be a tad bit more productive.

There really is a different feel to the atmosphere today. I mean… I… Well, everyone is preparing their food to bring to the beach and all that. I don’t get customers looking for the usual quick food but they’re looking for ingredients and spices.

Ah, well, the sun is up, it’s a clear sky, it’s a beautiful day to go to the beach. Plus, it helps that it’s a Sunday.

I will be there myself soon enough. Right when I’m done with preparing the food.

This is really unacceptable. How can I sleep already at a time like this? It’s not as if I had as much time in my hands that I used to. Beside, given my state right now, whatever I’d be reading will only be wasted. Probably.

8:53 pm and I’m already this sleepy. It’s still one hour too early for me to crash already and I still don’t want to. There are tons of things that needs doing and I need all the time I could get.

It really doesn’t help me that I can’t expect tomorrow to be any productive given the fact that it’ll be the Feast of St. John. I’m not religious and all that but, when everybody’s going to the beach, it just feels so wrong to be sitting in front of one’s computer.

I really don’t understand how I ended up with this much things yet to be done.

Basically, I have a lot of things that needs doing before Monday. And I’ve lost a substantial amount of time to trifles. I need to get back up and catch up to things before I lose some.

Why am I so stupid?!

I mean, I know I’m pretty stupid more than occasionally but not on things like this. Not really, right? I mean…

I thought I already got what I needed for the week but, apparently, I haven’t got them all and, right now, I’ve totally zero on the reading assignment for one of my courses and it’s already day three of the unit. I really did rely on the fact that the course has a textbook so I didn’t bother looking at the reading list. Not good. I really should learn doing that thing they call “double-checking”.

I was gonna stay up and try what more I could do but I guess… I’ll just have to get them.

But not while the thunders continue to roll and the lightning continues to strike.

And my own personal of wifi and so I’m gonna sleep

This is quite a bit scary.

Well, not scary, per se, but scary in that, usually, in times like these, they turn of the power. And so we get a blackout.

And, right now, I do not need a blackout.

Storm, earth and fire, heed my call!

Those words from the soundtrack of Warcraft always gets played in my head whenever the weather becomes just like this right now: lightning and thunder in the distance while the rain pours.

An old joke says that if someone who speaks two languages is called bilingual and someone who speaks three languages is trilingual, then the person that speaks only one language is called… an American!

Sorry but it’s quite funny.

It’s why it’s called a joke!

From Lingua Franca: A Lesson in Language by Frank Dunkle in Vertical Thought, July – September 2011.

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others.

– Sir Winston Churchill

It’s quite cold today. It’s raining. There’s a typhoon. They’ve called him “Butsoy”.

I’m cool with this temperature. I like it a lot. And it’s way better compared to the sweltering heat that makes your skin feel sticky that we’ve been having in the previous days.

Unsurprisingly, business is slow today. And, if the rain and clouds don’t make way for the sun anytime soon, I don’t expect any change to happen.

But, the day’s just started. I really do hope the rain stops this noon. I’ve somewhere to be. And the rain’s not gonna make it easier going there.