Outsourcing torture?!

Now, that’s something.

Outsourcing a business process would mean sending it out to a different country to cut costs. Does outsourcing torture mean doing it in an unbound state so as to escape the legal ramification that spring from torture? To escape liabilities?


I have grossly underestimated this unit’s reading assignment. I was thinking it was gonna be the usual 10, 20, 30-something pages, max at 50-something. But, wow!, this file’s got 89 pages on it. I didn’t notice the size! It’s 1.5MB contrast to the usual ones which were never close to 1M.

I’m not even halfway through and it’s almost nightfall.


All this talk about human rights are making my head whirl. Too many different things are being questioned that they don’t seem to make that much sense anymore.

Why do people always try to make things more complicated?

Why not just keep things as simple as they are?

Flowers of May.

It used to be that time of year when children would go to church bringing a bunch of flowers with them filling up the church with them.

Now, even if there are more children than back when it was us, there seems to be less flowers. And the general enthusiasm of the people seems to have decreased, too.

This is the decline of tradition. Hardly surprising, though. It’s not the only church tradition that is waning.

It’s almost 12 am. I’m still confused about the assignment. My mother will sooner than later already try to reprimand me for staying up this late. I’ve still the analysis to write. Although it doesn’t seem much.

I’m honestly not sure how to go about this assignment. But I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to write down everything else; even if I wanted to finish everything for this course today so that I can spend tomorrow on my GS. Guess I’ll just have to wake up earlier than I usually do.

Anyway, I have to sleep already. Maybe, after a good night’s sleep, I’ll get unconfused.

I was kind of expecting that…

Forgetting the int – and similar things for initialization of variable, the ; (semi-colon), and all other things Java that I wouldn’t have had to be writing in if I was writing Python like I have been doing lately.

I knew I was writing things wrong!

When was the last time I wrote Java?

I really can’t remember. I’m not even sure I’m writing this right. This is clearly what happens when you spend an entire term without a single CS course when you are actually a CS major.

All that philosophy and sociology got to me.

I don’t mean to brag but I still find it rather curious how I am able to type all these things without even looking at the keyboard even just one bit.

I mean, sure I should have gained that much familiarity with the computer keyboard already after having been using it that much. Still, I find it amazing how my fingers are able to crawl about the keyboard and make letters appear on the screen without me having to look at which keys they are pressing. And now, even some combos, e.g. Shift + [some key], Ctrl + Alt + [some key], have become all too familiar.

I guess, this is almost similar to the familiarity that music people eventually gain with their keys, strings, or whatever else. It’s really quite something and I’m not sure I understand how it works.

About that code fragment before… I was wrong. In a different sense. Apparently, assert works the opposite way I thought it did.

Basically, it tests the condition and the program terminates, displaying the error message, if any, if the condition results to false.

Why did I reach the thought that it displays the error message if it’s true? Probably because of the nature of the if, while, and other conditionals.

I want some chocolate.

Good to know that I managed to save half of what I had last time and not have finished it all in one go. And it’s frozen well and good.

It’s good to be saving things.

(Sack sits by the display)


Is that already [A]?


No, it’s that other thing. It’s [B].


Hey, can I have some…


OK, then I’ll just have that. Give me 2 kgs of [B].


(Prepares stuff, hands it over)


Hey, is this that [A]?


No, like I said, we don’t have it yet. It’s that other thing, [B].


But this isn’t what I wanted. I wanted the other one, [C].


But that’s what you asked for.


No, I never order this one. I don’t use this. I wanted [C]. That one which costs [Php] a kilo.


*mutters* Well, this is just wrong. *mutters*
(Sets 2 kgs of [B] aside, prepares 2 kgs of [C])
(Finishes transaction)


I’ll have 1 kg of [B].


(Prepares stuff)


She really did say she wanted [B].


Yeah, but she’s old. So, I can’t…
(Closes transaction)


If only she wasn’t…

Yeah, if only Number 1 was not an old woman I would’ve said, “Well, we don’t have [C] anymore.” And I couldn’t have cared less about the business I would’ve lost by telling her that.

Number 2 had to wait long enough because Number 1 wanted the two kilograms to be in two different bags. He had to wait even longer when Number 1 claimed to not have ordered what she did order and wanted something else.

I hate it when this happens. Total waste of time and effort.


Can someone please explain to me the behavior of this code?

private int listSize;       // Number of list items now
private int curr;           // Position of current element


public E getValue() {       // Return current element
    assert (curr>=0)&&(curr<listSize) : "No current element";
    return listArray[curr];

Right now, the way I understand it, the assertion doesn’t make much sense. Actually, that makes the entire code fragment not make sense.

I really, really, really am not working well right now.

Things had to change for the worse because of some stupid virus scare. Now, external media are no longer allowed in that café – like in other cafés.

This is why Windows users are so unfortunate in more ways than one.

An apple after dinner.

Sitting by the porch, watching the cloudy night sky with only one visible star, the highway almost quite with barely any automobiles moving about, listening to my mother’s type of music. They don’t sound so bad really. One can always learn to appreciate them.

It was over when I bit into the core.

My mother fancies Sunday night radio. Aksyon Radyo, Boses han Musika*.

It’s when they play songs sung in the vernacular with themes built around the local rural life, love, and the like. Folk classics.

* Literally: Action Radio, Voice of the Music

I don’t like the fact that I have to deal with poker again. I mean, the last time we tried to build a poker program, as a project to a previous course, I don’t think we succeeded.

Of course, the lack of real communication didn’t help the group. Two people eventually quit the course so I was left with our group leader. It was just me and him.

Honestly, I am not sure what the final output of that project looked like. The Github repo was removed so I didn’t have that kind of chance. Besides, the repo I managed to fetch was not anywhere new complete.

Although, until now, I’m still not that well-versed with how a poker game is played. Neither do I think I’d ever pull an effort into learning it.

Thing is, this course was supposedly gonna work on building a web browser. I’m definitely hoping that this poker thing is just some sort of introduction and we won’t spend the entire course dealing with poker.

Not everyone plays poker, right?