Second night of seeing with but one eye yet I feel much more uncomfortable than I was yesterday. Maybe it’s because, this time, I’ve more proofs as to how messed up my sense of distance actually is.

Although, I have also become certain that seeing with an eye and a half is much worse than seeing with just one.


Say, what on earth is a Taylor Swift song doing in The Hunger Games OST? I was expecting a more rock-ish soundtrack. Not something with Taylor Swift in it. She doesn’t sound as if she’ll fit again.

Then again, I’m yet to hear the song so, maybe, I shouldn’t be judging right now.

Still, somehow, I am hoping that that piece of a promotional line meant a different The Hunger Games from the one I’m waiting for.

Besides not seeing some things, I kinda feel as if sometimes I see colors which shouldn’t be there. Things which remind me of the exact things that will appear in the vision of a mushi-shi.

When you’ve seen the world with two eyes your entire life, suddenly seeing it with one is kind of unnerving. I don’t know how to say it in words but it’s like…

It’s like I feel as if I’m missing some things with my more limited field of vision. Like I’m not seeing things properly.

Besides, I know for a fact that my judgment of distance is really quite awful right now.

I really wish I’d heal very, very, very soon.

In one way or the other, I’ve become used to people mistaking me for my other sister’s daughter.

But this is the absolute first time I’ve heard someone mistake me for my brother’s daughter. It’s weirder that the case with my sister. I mean, sure he’s got over 14 years on me but do we really look that far apart?

Every time I go to church, no matter how the exact opposite of often that is, there is always one question that lingers in my head, “What will happen when these people get even just a little bit older?

I mean, the prayer leaders are made of the elderly, the choir made up of people people who are, well, old enough, the readers are old enough. Pretty much everyone who has something to do with the ceremonies are old enough. And what makes me question is that, there doesn’t seem to be any “heirs” to their positions.

It’s really quite the question.

There really is something wrong with this religion.

They preach that people have a soul separate from the flesh which lives on after death – either in hell, purgatory, or heaven – yet they sing songs which say, And I will raise him up in the last day.

It’s totally contradicting.

So, it was a bit cold and I was wearing my proud hoodie when this kid arrived, pointed at the Firefox patch at the left sleeve, and exclaimed, “Google!”

I so had no idea how to react to that and I only went, “It’s Firefox.”

I wasn’t sure what he was thinking but he replied, “It’s the same! You can go Google with it anyway. And YouTube. And everything else. Right, right?”

I wonder how I’m supposed to take that. But I guess it’s a good thing since that absolutely tells me that he creeps around the web with Firefox.

I have to admit, though: I feel quite guilty about receiving this sweatshirt because the only thing I ever really contributed to Firefox is being a part of the Army of Awesome.

I guess, that was good enough because they took some resources to send me one. Whatever the case is, I thank them a lot. It’s nothing big but it’s something for someone like me.

Oh, yes, it’s quite obvious that you don’t need elite programming skills to contribute to the Mozilla Project. Small things can do big.

I love my sweatshirt, yes I do!

So, it’s a bit unusual for me to be posting any images. Besides the banner up top, this would be the first ones I’d be posting in here. And it’s all good. Because there are no words for this.

I received a package today and, boy!, was I happy to read that it was from Mozilla!

It’s my awesome hoodie! Thank you, Mozilla!

See that? Yes, this is pride.

reductio ad absurdum

It so sounds like a spell straight out of the Potterverse. Something like Harry Potter would enunciate when faced with a couple Death Eaters. Something which would help reduce the effects of an injury or something.

Whatever the case is, it’s something I got off a course material in Ethics and Social Responsibility – from lessons in deontological ethics.

It roughly means reduction of the absurd.

The readings weren’t so easy.

I don’t think I got much from the Apology.

All I understand is that, in the first part, Socrates tries to defend himself from his accusers. However, at some point in his argument, it almost sounded as if he was pleading guilty. The the end, the jury charged him guilty.

In the second part, he suggests what sentence is appropriate for him and why other penalties, such as imprisonment and exile, wouldn’t work for him. His words didn’t work with the jury, yet again, for he was sentenced to death.

In the final, say, chapter, he was commenting on his sentence. The uncertainty of what comes after death, whether it be a dreamless slumber or it be another life, seems to appease his soul as he concludes with,

The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways – I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows.

As for the Allegory of the Cave, I am absolutely hopeless about it. Simply put, I don’t understand it. It’s something to do about the wisdom of the people who lived in darkness and the people who have seen the light all through their lives. Shadows, light, colors… I don’t know.

Well, Voltaire’s Story of the Good Brahmin wasn’t as difficult. But that is only if I truly understood it. Something about happiness and wisdom.

By all those things which only come from the surface, am I already supposed to gain an understanding of the attitudes of Socrates and Voltaire about philosophy?

I am studying philosophy for the first time and this is my first learning week, and I am already supposed to understand Socrates’ attitude about philosophy and compare it with Voltaire’s then compare both to mine?!

I honestly can’t comprehend how that is supposed to be possible.

The constant tremors are beginning to creep me out.

I know that these are just aftershocks of that one 5.9 earthquake that we recently experienced but the number of them is just freakish.

And the feeling of the earthquake has somewhat become ingrained in me that I somehow feel like the earth’s shaking when it really isn’t. Like, right now.

It’s so weird.