See, this is the problem when you only have 4 G of space on your main drive that will hold both your OS and every other software that you know you will need: there’s only so much space to fit in things.

After the update, I only had a wee bit over 400 Mb left when I thought that I wouldn’t consume much. Honestly, I don’t know where the rest of the over 600 Mb space before the update went.

I tried clean and it only gave me over 50 Mb. Which actually made sense as that is about the total number of archives that I had to get before the update finished.

autoclean and autoremove didn’t seem helpful either. And I thought I was gonna save some space.

Neither does it help that the logs are still crazy and I still haven’t received a solution or anything similar which would help me off such a crazy log.

Hey, uhm, to anyone who knows: considering everything – most importantly, speed, performance, and stability – would it be okay to install an entire system – running on @Jolicloud – in an SD card? Is it even possible?

Because, if it is, I’ll go out and buy one that’s got at least a 16 G capacity and move my entire system there.

This is really not amazing.


Actual 24-bit colour at ten to eleven bits per channel produces 16,777,216 distinct colours.

I’m not sure I understand what “ten to eleven bits per channel” means but, wow!, over 16 million distinct colors?!

I don’t think even I can imagine that.

From Opera Web Standards Curriculum, Colour Theory,

I kinda feel tired but if I am, then that would be for no apparent reason as the day was pretty light. Actually, it was really light that, even if I wanted to listen to Coldplay‘s Mylo Xyloto, I couldn’t because I knew that would ruin the entire mood. Perhaps that’s the reason. It’s like some sort of backlash after quite an upbeat day – not that it’s over already.

Or maybe I’m just hungry and I should go grab some food already.

Yeah, I think I’ll just do that.

Imagine yourself as a poor poet. In fact, not just poor, but downright bad – so bad, you can’t even think of a rhyme for ‘pink’. So, what do you do? You do what every sensible poet does in this situation, and you write [a] Perl program.

Call it odd but I found something quite hilarious in that statement.

From Beginning Perl

Note that all \Q does is turn off the regular expression magic of those 14 characters above – it doesn’t stop, for example, variable interpolation.

Don’t forget to change this back again: We’ll be using matchtest.plx throughout the chapter, to demonstrate the regular expressions we look at. We’ll need that magic fully functional!

Does it really have to be called magic?

One more thing, when writing perl scripts should I use .pl or .plx?

I’ve somehow gotten use to .pl.

From Beginning Perl

And now, the comments aren’t as readable as they used to. Not as bad as the problem with Classic but I want my comments highly visible.

Fine, Kate it is. I’d have to forgive that bit of color-confusion.

There really should be a way around this.

Color schemes. Color schemes. Color schemes.

Ever since I first used gEdit, I’ve always been using the Classic theme.

And I’ve always noticed that strings are not easily readable when highlighting an active line is on. So, now I have to try different things…

And, I’ve only four options: Cobalt, Kate, Oblivion, and Tango.

I tried Kate but I noticed that it colors different things similarly and I don’t want that.

For Tango, there’s the same color problem with the color for print as there is for strings in Classic.

So, now I’m using Oblivion. Cobalt’s got the same problem as Kate.

Is there a way to customize colors in gEdit? To change the colors as much as you want so as to match your tastes? Or to match whatever works for you? The black background in the writing space is something I’m not used to. I want it white.

As to why regular expressions or RegExp are called as such:

The actual phrase itself originates from the mid-fifties when a mathematician called Stephen Kleene developed a notation for manipulating ‘regular sets’. Perl’s regular expressions have grown and grown beyond the original notation and have significantly extended the original system, but some of Kleene’s notation remains, and the name has stuck.

From Beginning Perl

This is why I hate rewriting code.

I think it’s too much of a waste of time. And, I don’t mean rewriting to make it better but simply rewriting as in solving a problem that you are certain you have solved before.

I know I’ve done this one. I just wasn’t certain what language I used last time. Apparently, it was Python. I was really thinking it was Java so the search wasn’t so easy.

Anyway, now I’ll just have to translate it to Perl and I’ll be all good.

I’ve been thinking…

White is the new black.

I mean, look at the new GMail. It looks so good in white that the dark theme isn’t worth as much as the old black theme was.

Now, Jolicloud has also shifted from black to white. Not just new Jolicloud but also the official Jolicloud blog.

Nothing really. Just saying.

That was an earthquake…

I mean, this is an earthquake.

Well, it’s quite something. No visible damage on this area but still. I don’t remember the last time but I don’t pray for it to be happening anywhere in the world, anytime.

I wonder where the center was.

My head was shaking, my brain got a bit scrambled, I was trying to write some sort of essay I’m not sure I can pick up where I left.

Update – January 18, 2012: We were hit with intensity 4.0 while the worst was at 5.4 – or something close to that.

Just had dinner with my brother’s kids. I may sound like an old folk with this but I absolutely love it when they come because they always make the place way, way livelier than when it’s just me, my mother, and my father. That should be hardly surprising.

The smaller one got morbidly curious about today, Friday the 13th, that it made the bigger one look through the calendar and check out the dates. He found out that there’d be a total of three Friday the 13th‘s this year – this January, which is today, on April, and another in July.

I’ve always thought that it only comes once in every year. Apparently, I stand corrected.

Friday the 13th.

Of all the things that humans commonly do, I consider hypocrisy as one of the worst. And the level of it that I am experiencing as I type these words is inexcusably beyond low.

I would be willing to wager that if you ask 10 developers who work with web standards where they learned how to use web standards that 9 of them would reply that they are self-taught (the other 1 won’t answer you because she’s too busy trying to get her site to render properly in IE6).

From Opera Web Standards Curriculum, Web standards—beautiful dream, but what’s the reality?,

Why do web standards matter?

It’s just good practice: This is a bit of a “because I said so” reason, but talk to any professional standards-aware web developer or designer, and they’ll tell you that separating content, style, and behaviour is the best way to develop an application.

I don’t get it but… Sometimes, “because I said so” works really well with me.

From Opera Web Standards Curriculum, The Web standards model – HTML, CSS and JavaScript,