I just realized… October is almost over! Which means November is almost here! Which means, oh no, NaNoWriMo!

To finish, one will have to write at least 50,000 words in one month. And those 50,000 words can’t be a stupid copy-paste of one thing repeating over and over again. Your prose need not be perfect. Still, 50,000 words is quite a number.

Now that I think about it, even if I post quite some stuff in here, I don’t even think I’ve ever written 1,500 words in just one day. And to be able to do 50,000 in one month, you’d need at least 1,667 words each day.

This is so not gonna be easy. No one said it would be but still… And it doesn’t help that I can never seem to be able to turn off my tendencies to edit when I really intend to write more than just putting my thoughts into words and neither does it help that, a lot of times, I find myself stopping for a while to think of that one word that will fit aptly with my sentence even if I already have a whole array of similar words but that I keep pushing to the back of my head.


I started to read on some stuff hoping to get an idea, or maybe even an inspiration, about how to go about my assignment but I only ended up getting nothing. I can’t say I was disappointed because I wasn’t really expecting much from it. But I didn’t think I’d get nothing and would want to stop reading for fear of my own thoughts getting sliced away because of what I was reading. This really shouldn’t be like this.

‘Tis late. And I already feel sleepy. I still have to write some things but I read that it’s always a good idea to heed to call of sleep instead of trying to fight it off with caffeine or sugar. And I like that advise. It sounds wise. Besides, a good night’s sleep always makes for a better morning than a wakeful night.

OK, so they didn’t. It does just work that way. But it’s rather silly looking the way it was used in the first one.

Well, at least, this tells me that Perl really holds strongly to Tim Toady.

Like I said, I am new. So, there is a point to foreach and it is in using it in a more sensible form like so:

foreach (@array) { ... }

Now that I think about it, I wonder if the authors mistyped something.

foreach $i (@array) { ... } works in the same way as for $i (@array) so, what’s the point of the foreach? I mean, it’s longer to type and works the same way as the shorter one so why does it have to exist?

Ah, well, I’m pretty new to this language. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a good reason for it.

Well, hello again, Perl.

What was it again that made me stop learning you? Oh, yeah, something about building a computer from scratch. But that one went well. Well, barely. At that time, it was enough. I should go back to it later, though, as I don’t feel satisfied with the work I’ve done so far with that one.

One of three things, Perl is, right now. I should be able to pull this off.

Apparently, there is another thing that I forgot to fetch…

Stupid me. I go out and create a reminder for some of the more trivial things while I never do so for the more important ones. In the end, I forget the more important ones.

This can’t go on like this. Ah, well, it’s late enough. I should just go to sleep so that I can wake up early tomorrow and be done with things quick.

See?! It wasn’t just my hunger tugging at me this afternoon when I felt like I was forgetting something. And I really was. I just realized it now. Not good.

What was that? The quiz and the assessments!

How was I so stupid to not realize it earlier?!

This is unsettling. Even if only for a bit. I’m not so surprised about the news that they are talking about in the neighbor’s but it’s somehow unbelievable. At some rate. Even if I’ve seen worse. Not exactly personally but through that horrid video, which I can’t take off my head, that my classmate just somehow seemed to have the unstoppable urge to show me. I tend to picture it a lot of times.

And these things absolutely aren’t helping me concentrate on my studies. Yeah, these things are just some of the few that are in my head. Just some, but they’re the worst things right now.

What was that thing again? Oh, yeah, think happy thoughts.

The world really is getting worse, isn’t it?

Last Saturday, someone told me about a child in a nearby town who went missing and was found in some… Some ditch, I think. I’m not so sure anymore. But the child wasn’t complete anymore for the internal organs have been replaced with cash amounting to Php 2,500.

Yesterday, when I went to the university, there was a notice posted at the guard house to be alert about some lawless elements who come in vans and take people.

Now, the neighbors are talking about another child who went missing and was found without eyes.

Is it all gonna go downhill from here?

Gah! This can’t be good! My brain’s such a mess! How am I supposed to be able to read, let alone, understand statistics at this state?! Too many things are in it right now and they are all disconnected. A lot of thoughts need resolution.

Plus, this things with the colds and headache is totally not helping.

If there is an advantage of having parents who are backwards in terms of technology, then I’ve found it and I’m certain of it. See, with them, it’s so easy to make old technology sound like new ones, to make obsolete stuff sound cool. It’s so easy to convince them of such things. And with that, you can get away with too many things.

If only I am so devious…

This is exactly why I’m not that fond of heat. I’d rather be left stranded in the North Pole than be at the Sahara Desert.

The heat… It’s getting to my head. And when that happens, I’m hardly useful. How do desert people stand this sort of thing? I mean, they have to live with it everyday. Well, it’s probably about getting used to. But I don’t think I’d ever be used today.

My eyes are strained. And so they should be.

I’m not exactly sure how it should feel like but they have to be after all that. I mean, I kinda didn’t do anything much except watch quite a few episodes of some shows.

It was fun, of course. If only I don’t have any required studying to do right now…

This is, undoubtedly, what is called lethargy. Dang it!, I don’t feel like doing anything much. Well, at least, not for school. Maybe it’s not even lethargy. Maybe I just need a pick-me-up right now. Ever since the announcement of the new university policy of requiring proctored exams for some courses, I’ve been feeling less like doing the weekly requirements.

I just… I don’t know… I’ll just watch a movie.

I think, the state of my tonsils is making this worse, too.