I am invincible.

No, really, honestly I was totally scared off last night. That thunder that I thought was from just a passing cloud… Well, the cloud wasn’t just that. Far from it actually. It should’ve served as a warning for me as a few minutes later, rain began pouring that sounded like too-big pellets.

Now, usually, I’d listen to the sound of the rain. But last night’s was just too scary. It began with a few big bits dropping here and there, widely spread and all that. Then, the rain gradually strengthened.

I thought I wasn’t gonna have to but I totally stopped playing in the middle of my game which is something I don’t really do if I can help it. Yes, apparently, the “if” is a huge part as last night was simply impossible.

It must have been the thunder.


So, the Azkals have been a team for seven years?! I really didn’t think that. I mean, until last year, football was almost unheard of in the Philippines.

Well, they’re gonna be playing Sri Lanka tonight. I wish they win. I hope they win. I want them to win.

Tomorrow, it’ll be a year since Noynoy Aquino swore to his presidency. The people chose him and now the people are criticizing him very negatively for having “failed” at being a servant. That’s just wrong. I mean, isn’t this just reaping the fruits of our actions?

For crying out loud, PNoy didn’t want to run for president in the first place. You can’t possibly be putting all the blame on him for apparently having no direction in his governance because he was only coerced into running for president. Or, at least, that’s how the events unfolded last year.

I’m not trying to defend him. I’m just trying to say that a democratic government isn’t a government of one person but a government of all the people. Or so it should be. And PNoy stated that he wanted the country to go straight which means that he must be really putting an effort into making the country go the right direction – even if the direction is not at all clear.

And since a democracy is a government of the people, doesn’t that also mean that we are all failing?

What’s up with all these Chinese kids getting stuck between walls?! I mean, really, there’s too much news of the sort in the past few weeks. Oh, if it isn’t walls, it’s window railings. Really, what’s up?

Same-sex marriage? In a church? In the Philippines?

Since when did that become legal? Ah, oh yeah, the separation of the church and state. Is the church, at least, that Catholic church in Cebu, trying to say that the separation of powers also apply to weddings? And that they are officially moralizing same-sex marriage?

Whatever happened to homosexuality being a sin?

Urine. For power. For the alarm systems in the jails. To help guard them prisoners. And avoid having escapees.

Well, good luck with that. Hope it works well for you jail guard people. Especially about the power generation. (See previous post.)

The Spratleys, China, the Philippines, and America. This is such a mess.

If the countries are not gonna be able to settle this diplomatically, this is gonna end in war. Which isn’t a pretty sight whichever angle you try to view it from.

What?! Even the officers of the Philippine National Police at Camp Crame are spending their minutes on Facebook?! Is that where the people’s taxes go?! So that them officers can go online and be on Facebook? Oh, and perhaps, play Farmville?

That’s just wrong…

I’m really being stupid about this aren’t I?

Well, it’s only a little over two weeks left. The wait will soon be over. The best part of it is that we’ll all finally be able to see it. The worst part of it, if it’s not yet too obvious, is that… There’s nothing more to look forward to.

Time, time, time. Such an interesting little something.

It’s sad but it’s the truth. Time moves forward.

I can already see the Hogwarts Express leaving Platform 9 3/4 from the King’s Cross Station, with James, Albus, Rose, Teddy, Victoire, Scorpius, and the rest of the younger ones in it, for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.

The eight Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, is gonna be epic. I don’t think so. I know so. But you know what? I’m not gonna be happy about it. I’m gonna be sad about it. For the fact that it is THE last Harry Potter movie.

Yes, I can be one of those people who wish that there were more stories – which means more books, which means more movies, which means more of Hogwarts and Harry Potter’s wizarding world. Then again, series that take too long tend to go wrong somewhere in the middle of it. So, I still say that I love the stories the way J.K. Rowling created them. I love the way Harry Potter is. I love the way everything about it is.

July 14 is gonna be a bittersweet day for all of us.

I am positively pissed off and am getting more and more impatient by the hour. Something must happen already. It’s been ages! What’s taking everything so long?

The last thread of my weave of patience can only do so much. I just really wish for it already. Please.

It’s the Feast of St. John the Baptist!

Everyone, to the beach!

Oh, and watch out for the spray. And the people armed with dippers. And squirters. And the like.

Yeah, I was there. But last year was way better. Besides the event being much better organized and the presentations much better, the ocean looked nice. It was clear and blue. It was much calmer. And the weather was fine. The sun was shining bright. Nice beach day indeed.

Ah, well, last year, there was no two tropical storms making a crossing of the Philippines. There wasn’t even one. This time, there’s two and even if their a bit far from our place, they still affected the seas. So the waves are stronger this time around.

And now I’m basically exhausted. I actually planned to read some but now it’s just impossible. Sure, I can still read. (I’m writing this, aren’t I?) But they’ll be nothing more than highly evanescent thoughts. And this is exactly why I am not exactly a fan of planning.

So, there is frustrated rape…

Which confirms my thoughts last Saturday, in class, that my classmates are clangers and that they were merely bouncing around ideas that they really do not have a firm grasp on. (Yeah, when the instructor mentioned the stages of crime, I kinda proposed that it’s possible that rape be frustrated but a classmate told me that, of all the crimes, rape is the only one which can never be in the frustrated stage, it can only be attempted or consummated.)

Besides, I’ve grounds for thinking like so because the instructor never really agreed to the things they were saying.

You know what they say, a tin can with only a few pebbles in it is much noisier than one which is full.

That thunder sure startled me!

I really hate it when those things boom suddenly. And who would expect there to be thunder and lighting at a time like this when the night is so quite and not the slightest bit of pouring water can be heard?

It only happened once though.

Ah, well, it must have been a just a passing cloud.

My mother is only too happy that I don’t have to go to school tomorrow because it’s supposed to be a holiday. I’m not even certain if it really is but I asked my sister, she said her daughter has no classes tomorrow either, and my brother, who said that offices are gonna be closed tomorrow.

Anyway, given the date, June 19, 2011, if JosΓ© Rizal was still alive, he’d be celebrating his 150th birthday today.

Of course, he didn’t live that long. He forfeited all chances he had when he started thinking for the country. But for that, we have a lot to thank him for. And a lot to be proud of, too.